Special Solutions for SAP Applications: NiceWatch

nicewatch enterprise business softwareNiceWatch Enterprise Business Connector, by NiceLabel, globally connects identification requirements to business needs. NiceWatch provides users with a rugged and innovative label printing system that features:

  • Native thermal printers support
  • Direct and certified connection to SAP Applications
  • Graphic template designer
  • SAP Certified

NiceWatch supports printing by featuring a rugged, high-performance print-engine that handles the printing needs of the most intensive high-throughput operations. By implementing NiceWatch, users can enjoy increased printer speeds, true Windows drivers, simultaneous printing to several printers, and streamlined automation.

Graphical Designer
Users can easily create custom label designs NiceWatch… no experience necessary!

Since data connectivity is a large concern for any streamlined enterprise, NiceWatch supports the following protocols:

  • XML files
  • Oracle XML files
  • SAP RFC and AII connections
  • HL7
  • ActiveX programming interface
  • Command line and file
  • Data messages
  • Web service
  • Unstructured files
  • Common Database Standards

Maintenance and Management
Since NiceWatch is a server application the functions as a single gateway for all printers, it provides easy control over the entire network, in addition to reports that can aid in identifying error-prone locations.

For more information on NiceLabel and their products, learn more here.