SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is all about enhanced security, protection and mobile device management. SOTI transcends expectations by allowing your IT staff to monitor and manage every single element of your company’s mobile devices, content, data, hardware and software.

Being the front-runners in the industry for device management, SOTI provides a comprehensive range of services by going through the entirety of your devices—starting from device provisioning and channeling through device retirement. And because SOTI is completely agnostic-centric when it comes to managing devices, they can provide you with services on every mobile operating system, which primarily include Windows, Android and the IOS.

You don’t have to worry about the manufacturer adding proprietary APIs to enhance all MDM capabilities—SOTI’s MobiControl can guarantee excellent compatibility.

There is no doubt about the fact that companies are indeed extremely dynamic; staff promotions, delegations, hiring new employees and job enhancements and changes have the IT staff running amok in the organization. On top of that, varying mobile requirements for remote or on-site workers, employees on contract, research analysts as well as factory personnel, can essentially add to the complexity of their tasks.

However, SOTI’s MobiControl Stage is designed to provide organizations with extremely streamlined policy management. They can considerably help the IT staff of your company to tailor the policies in order to meet the specifications of your business. They offer role-by-role solutions when it comes to policy groups consisting of thousands.

Primary Features of SOTIs Mobile Control for Provisioning:
• MobiControl Stage
• Out-of-the-box Configuration

Device enrollment is a highly necessary initial step when it comes to managing your mobility. However, there is no question that it can considerably hamper the productivity of your IT staff, who are designated with provisioning big amounts of numbers well across numerous business dimensions, providing data for numerous geographical locations. It is important for administrators to enroll brand new and efficient devices with a suite of necessary applications, which must include application policies, security, device configurations, as well as the resources of the enterprise.

SOTI has designed incredible solutions for enrollment programs from Microsoft, Apple and Google. They can enroll mobile devices at a rapid pace, reducing the need for user interaction,minimizing customer support needs and increasing the productivity of all users without having to bother your IT staff.

Primary Feature of SOTI MobileControl for Enrollment:
• Express Enrollment
• Bulk Enrollment

There is no doubt about the fact, in the world we live in today; smartphones and similar devices have considerably evolved into carrying numerous features to help simplify the needs of the user. Competition amongst hardware manufacturers has tremendously boosted innovation, especially when it comes to hardware and software features to considerably push the limits to achieving the impossible in mobile computing.
What SOTI has managed to achieve is providing your company’s IT administrators with an innovative toolbox of powerful device management features and control options, helping your IT personnel to determine that all features of the device utilized by your business conform to viable user policies.

This means your IT staff will be efficiently able to set complex pass codes, have the liberty to activate and deactivate specific features, implement operating system policies and restriction, etc.

Primary Features of MobileControl for Device Management:
• Remote Help
• Location Services

No business mobility can survive without innovative applications. And it started out as the most simplistic form of applications, for example, emails and online calendars. Today, businesses and multinational enterprises primarily depend on device LoB (Line-of-Business) applications as well as SFA and ERP systems to maximize efficiency for remote workers.

SOTI has a powerful array of mobile suite applications that consist of a diverse array of management features. They can successfully provide you with configurations like over-the-air-distribution, app removal and updating apps for your company’s very own library of applications.

Primary Features for Enterprise Applications:
• Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)
• Enterprise App Catalog


The personnel managing your company devices need to access your content, which can be in the form of reports, files, imagery data, etc. All professional and knowledgeable IT experts have a good idea that employees will try to do whatever they can to access content via their smartphone and tablets. And this can also include unsanctioned and unauthorized collaboration and backdoor access.

For this, SOTI can provide your business with two excellent solutions and alternatives for securing your mobile content; SOTI Content Library and the SOTI Hub, which are the primary features of the company’s MobileControl suite.

Device retirement is perhaps the most neglected element when you talk about the lifecycle of your company’s device management. For a majority of companies, throwing away or storing a retired device somewhere deep is the only solution. However, it is necessary to ensure that the device is either adequately retired and/or looking for the possibility to re-assign the device for another purpose, especially when the employee using the device either leaves his job or is positioned somewhere else in the company.

What SOTI does is provide your organization with a more automated form of device retirement. For example, using SOTI device retirement solutions, you enable the devices to be retired with a touch of a single button, reducing user involvement. IT administrations will have the comfort of eradicating corporate partitions, secure access to different corporate resources, etc.

Primary Features for Device Retirement:
• Compliance Tracking
• Backup and Wipe Data by Container

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