Soti MobiControl: Mobile Device Management for All

Soti MobiControl Mobile Device ManagementIf you’re in need of a management system for your Windows Mobile device, then Soti MobiControl should provide you with all the necessary tools. Soti MobiControl features:

Help Desk Tools
Tech support staff has the ability to login to remote devices and quickly diagnose the problem in real time, resulting in fewer labor costs.

Device Provisioning
Automatically deploy software and data to devices in the field in real time through any network.

Location Services
Locate, track, and gather information an any/all of your mobile devices throughout the world.

Advanced Security
Administrators control how mobile devices are used and how data is accessed.

Data Sync
Synchronize files and folders between mobile devices and servers.

Asset Management
Easily track all software and hardware assets.

Create base line diagnostics of mobile devices in the field and automatically identify potential problem areas.

Specify the data that you want to collect, analyze, and report on.

Quickly identify problem units, increasing IT support capabilities.

With Soti Mobi Control, you will experience rapid and reliable performance over any network for any size of deployment, whether devices are in the warehouse or in the field. For information on installing Soti MobiControl onto your fleet of mobile devices, contact a value added reseller.