SOTI Device Management – The Importance of Mobile Security

It is important to understand that mobile security should be considered a journey—it is a process of consistent and continuous improvement and upgrading—not a means to an end. In today’s robust corporate universe, businesses have to do everything they can to enhance their mobile security every step of the way and in accordance to on-going trends.

Every aspect of mobile security—may it be network related, physical, data or devices, is mutually dependent. If you remove one of the elements, you risk compromising the entire system. And that is primarily why all companies require wide ranging mobile security solutions that have the potential to deliver each security element, developing a powerful foundation for your corporation’s comprehensive security specifications and requirements.

Furthermore, nobody can deny the fact there are new security threats taking form every single day, which is all the more reason you need a flexible protection and device security solution that has a high degree of versatility and adaptability to overcome new threats successfully and promptly.

This is why you need to check out SOTI’s comprehensive range of security solutions. SOTI has become one of the leading device monitoring and security solutions providers in the industry. They enforce authentication for all devices, engage in data encryption, and efficiently supervise certificates to boost security and protect your organization against unsanctioned hacks and device usage, preventing data theft and loss.

Plus, they also ensure containerization to ascertain regulatory compliance, preventing anybody from misusing your company’s assets.

Physical Security
There is no question that today’s devices have become powerful interactive tools, designed with nothing but ease of use, flexibility and adaptability, not to mention, very costly. When you amalgamate the costs of replacing company devices, add downtime to it as well as the costs of setting up the devices, replacing a stolen device—the total may end up with a round figure in thousands of dollars.

SOTI, on the other hand, can provide you with extremely precise device location services, which you can use to monitor and/or track company assets—and if you suspect the devices has been stolen; you can lock it via remote applications.

Protection of Device
Making sure that none other than the owner of the organization can utilize a smart device is one of the fundamental bedrocks of device management and security. In this case, SOTI provides users with biometric as well as two-way factor authentication, protecting the devices against unsanctioned access and saving your data from getting into unwanted hands.

The company enables your IT staff to mandate password protection, which dictates the length of the password, as well as adding a high degree of complexity to them. You can incorporate this security provision in all your company’s laptops and PCs.

Data Security
Irrespective of the location of your company’s servers, mobile devices, documents, files, and workstations, you have to absolutely ensure your company’s content is secure and protected at all times and at all costs. SOTI incorporates AES-256 encryptions, utilizing FIPS 140-2 algorithms to add a formidable layer of protection for devices that contain sensitive corporate information.

Networking Security
The primary advantage of a smartphone is, of course, the high degree of mobility it provides all users, which can also turn out to be a big risk. For a smartphone or tablet to be productive for on-site workers, there is always a need to communicate with the executive back at the office. This also means that there is a regular exchange of sensitive emails, applications and other forms of content on a daily basis. This could prove to be risk if the device is not protected. SOTI integrates a powerful security algorithm to ensure that your exchange of emails and phone call over a wireless network remain private at all times.

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