SoMo 650 and Digital Dining Provide the Latest in Restaurant POS

The Socket Mobile SoMo 650 hand-held mobile computer was recently selected to accompany the Digital Dining restaurant management/POS system. Rather than having servers leave the table, speed and efficiency will be increased by making the table become the POS. By using a hand-held system, such as the SoMo 650 and Digital Dining software, waiters can easily take and send orders, answer questions about menu items, and process credit card payments without ever having to leave the table!

Unitl recently, hand-held mobile computers were not widely adopted in the restaurant industry because finding a device that could handle the strain associated with the restaurant environment was difficult, but now the SoMo 650 is not only durable enough, but also compact enough for true portability. Best of all, the SoMo 650 is an affordable solution that offers even small restaurants the luxury of table-side ordering and payment.

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