Work-in-Process for Manufacturing

As manufacturing processes become more complex, you need a more accurate method of monitoring each step to ensure compliance and streamline workflows – from delivery of raw goods to shipment of the final product. Are you using the right parts, at the right station, at the right time? It takes just one small inaccuracy or human error to delay your entire operation.

By combining handheld computers, barcode and/or RFID readers, the right software and a wireless infrastructure, Barcoding’s Work-in-Process (WIP) solutions allow you to track and trace, by the parts and ingredients used in the manufacturing process, to ensure the inventory you have on hand is the inventory you need. When connected to a wireless infrastructure, your WIP application will operate in real time. This gives managers the ability to monitor your facility’s inventory and track each part of the manufacturing process, from end to end.

Learn about our Automated Production Visibility Solution for manufacturing work-in-process here.

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