Route Accounting

For businesses that rely on manual, paper-based processes in their mobile sales environment, it is difficult and cumbersome to track inventory (delivered, damaged and returned), create/edit invoices, manage sales, run reports and more. These are even greater challenges when delivering short shelf-life products on a daily basis.

With Barcoding, Inc.’s route accounting solutions, you can provide the highest level of customer service and increase the number of sites a driver visits each day. Consisting of software, rugged mobile devices, and our ongoing service and support, our solutions allow a single representative to efficiently accept purchase orders, issue invoices, collect payments, and update daily inventories for sales reporting. As a result, you’ll be more efficient, accurate, and connected in all aspects of the buying process in the field – from the initial purchase order, to settling an invoice, to giving your customer the service and support they expect.

Visit more sites and deliver better customer services.

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