Barcoding, Inc.’s mission includes positively impacting our social communities.

Because of this, we’ve helped many non-profit organizations better track and manage their assets, whether at an event or within the organization’s four walls. One example is our work with the Junior Olympic Sailing Festival. Barcoding, Inc., provided Motorola MC70 mobile scanners for festival employees and waterproof badges for each of the children, making the sailing festival safer. Employees would scan the barcodes on the children’s badges in order to properly count them before they left for the water, counting them again when they returned to ensure no one was in trouble.

Rather than keeping a written record of the children leaving and returning from sea, using a barcoding based method offers 100% accuracy. “We are ensuring that there are no manual errors that could be created by checking the wrong box, writing down the wrong name or location. If you’re barcode scanning, what you’re really doing is ensuring accuracy,” said Kyle Gold, executive account manager at Barcoding, Inc.

Because we believe in the work done by non-profits in our communities, Barcoding takes every step to support the organization’s goals in the most cost-effective way possible.

Use barcoding and RFID to save money and serve more!

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