Inventory Control

Controlling your inventory is essential to reducing waste, facilitating reordering/replenishment, and preventing stockouts that disrupt your operations. In addition, you need a way to keep inventory levels low and lean, while still sufficiently fulfilling orders.

Barcoding, Inc.’s inventory control/management solutions comprise a range of solutions, including fixed asset tracking, warehouse management systems (WMS), check in/check out applications, and more. Our software and hardware solutions provide a cost-effective, efficient, and accurate way to track, optimize, and manage stockroom inventory. With barcode or RFID systems, inventory counts take a fraction of the time than they would with manual efforts. And, software allows for immediate reporting capabilities.

Stratus - Intelligent, Cloud-based Inventory Management

intellitrack stratus mobile androidStratus, an IntelliTrack modular product line, is the leading cloud-based software platform for inventory management and control.

Simple to use and fast to deploy, Stratus modules like Inventory, Stockroom, Assets, Checkout, and Shipping and Receiving, offer the best mix of flexible affordability to meet your needs. Scalable and secure, Stratus grows with your business with guaranteed uptime and minimal costs. With Stratus, you’re just one click away from improved efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Total Inventory Management – for one monthly payment

Barcoding, Inc. offers Stratus with certified hardware and professional services under our OnePay™ program – giving you a total inventory control solution right out of the box and for one low monthly payment. It’s the easiest and fastest way to deploy real-time inventory control. Our solution includes:

  • Stratus, cloud-based, modular, easy-to-use, and affordable inventory management software
  • Certified hardware like mobile computers, scanners, printers
  • Labels and label design
  • GoLive Services™ (as needed)

Give your customers a better experience with efficient inventory control.

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