Schools, universities, colleges, and other educational organizations require efficient and accurate ways to track assets and inventory – from library books, to keys, to supplies, and even people. Barcoding provides automated data collection solutions that allow institutions to keep tabs on their most important assets, while reducing manual labor and improving overall productivity. Our check-in/check-out solutions are especially ideal for organizations with various items that are checked out for periods of time, and then returned.

We offer both rugged and consumer-grade hardware, barcode labeling software/hardware, and even RTLS (real-time locationing) solutions to meet the specific needs of the education market.

“Putting tablets into the hands of students across the country presents many logistical challenges. Barcoding has been instrumental in... implementing a large-scale, one-to-one computing program in a relatively short period of time.” Russell Lum, Vp of Technology, Learn It Systems

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