Check In/Check Out

If you manage inventory that is taken and returned from a single location (or many locations), you understand the headache of continuously accounting for each and every item, searching for missing items, and keeping track of “who has what.” Many organizations find that only one or two individuals know where all of the items in their stockroom are located – it’s all “in their heads”. If this is the case, you rely heavily upon these people to find items when they are needed, often using a convoluted organization system.

With an inventory control software application – along with a scanner/mobile computer, printer and barcode labels – from Barcoding, Inc., you can gain control of your “check in/check out” inventory. There are many ways to integrate an inventory control solution, but most organizations affix a barcode label or RFID tag to each item, which is associated with a database. Each time someone takes an item out of inventory, it is scanned; thereby, creating an accurate record of the chain of custody.

Our Recommendation – IntelliTrack®

There is a better way to keep track of all your tools that are circulating throughout your operations. Equipment or devices (like barcode scanners or tablets) that are used throughout the day by different shifts of workers are critical to manage.

IntelliTrack software collects, tracks, and processes all the data on rotational assets as well as consumables. It reports on the inventory detail, reorder levels, asset reservations, maintenance and calibration periods, and asset check in and check out transactions. It is invaluable in preventing the loss of costly inventory and ensuring you have real-time visibility of your equipment.

Benefits of Automating Check In Check Out Processes:

  • Improved workflow and productivity
  • Real time info on who checked out what item, where it is and when it will be returned
  • Increased accountability for usage
  • Proven cost effectiveness with reduced costs for counts and replacing lost assets
  • Data reports to inform operational adjustments
  • Standard or customized reports to support workforce deployment, discipline and training
  • Reports can be exported in Word, PDF, Excel and other formats, providing data for critical managerial decisions

Whether you’re tracking mobile technology, barcode scanners, tools, machinery, job site gear, A/V equipment, or mobile medical equipment, IntelliTrack gives you the ability to track your equipment in real-time, no matter what the asset is.

IntelliTrack is Reliable Check in and Check out in an Easy-to-Use Cloud Interface. Get Started with a Free Trial today!

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