Traceability and visibility are key within the agriculture supply chain.

Barcode and RFID solutions by Barcoding, Inc. tackle many of distribution, manufacturing, and retail challenges faced throughout the ag industry: for instance, growers and manufacturers who need to track product and bins to comply with regulations and maintain food safety, or distribution and retail companies who need inventory control and proof of delivery (POD). We are one provider who can tackle all of the data capture requirements.

Barcoding knows how to provide solutions that can handle the rugged, outdoor environments of the agriculture industry. We even provide barcode and RFID labels that can withstand the harshest weather, as well as wireless infrastructure that can reach into the far corners of country.

Working with AgGateway to Promote, Enable, and Expand e-Connectivity in Agriculture

For over two years, Barcoding, Inc. has participated in the AgGateway organization to help promote, enable, and expand e-connectivity and AIDC in agriculture.


Jody Costa, Director of Marketing for Barcoding, Inc., is the main liaison to AgGateway, currently serving on the Board of Directors as well as serving as the Vice Chair for the Allied Providers, a member of the AIDC Task Force, and a social media resource and newsletter participant for the Communications Committee. Barcoding’s President Shane Snyder serves as a trusted advisor to the organization for automated data capture solutions.

Barcoding’s focus with AgGateway is in expanding supply chain and traceability improvements through the adoption of data capture technologies. By supporting AgGateway in improving adoption rates of barcodes and related data capture technology, our joint goal is to improve the industry’s supply chain. To do so, we are a major contributor on the AIDC Task Force, and in our two years, we’ve seen dramatic improvement in the understanding of data capture technology. The Task Force provides tools like a ROI Calculator, demos, and uses cases to enable significant process optimization for member companies in areas like receiving, picking, shipping and delivery.

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