Medical Marijuana or Cannabis “Seed to Sale” Solutions

As the medical marijuana / cannabis industry becomes legal in more states across the United States, supply chain efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity will be paramount.

Despite the noise surrounding medical marijuana, the industry faces most of the same supply chain challenges as other agriculture and pharmaceutical markets – mainly around track and trace. In order to have a compliant “seed to sale” cannabis process, the medical marijuana industry must adopt workflows that use barcoding, RFID, and other automation technologies.

Barcoding, Inc. has over 19 years of experience delivering supply chain automation and innovation using barcoding and RFID. For those involved in the new medical marijuana / cannabis market, Barcoding can provide the resources you need to implement traceability from the grower to the pharmacy. As a systems integrator, we will bring together the hardware, software, labels, and services you need to be more efficient, accurate, and connected.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Barcode generation and standardization
  • Custom labeling
  • RFID solutions for asset tracking
  • Supply chain process optimization

Blog Article: RFID Solving Unique Challenges Facing Legalized Marijuana

RFID is already widely used for inventory management in retail, and now farmers are also finding ways to use it to help raise their crops. One crop in particular that is reaping the benefits is marijuana.rfid marijuana tracking

Marijuana is being legalized in a growing number of states for medicinal and sometimes recreational use, but its illegal status on the federal level has resulted in the need for legal states to require that plants be tracked from seed all the way through to supply to make sure no parts make their way to the black market.

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