Software Solutions Boost Profitability for St. Louis Gas and Equipment Distributor

When St. Louis-based Cee Kay Supply Inc found itself in dire need of an update to its error-plagued cylinder tracking system, the independent distributor of gas and welding equipment wanted a solution that was accurate and user-friendly.

The firm chose to trust TrackAbout with the task on account of its experience in the gas cylinder industry. Once the project was underway, however, they realized that they also needed to replace their legacy batch-processed ERP system, too. They were having trouble getting data, and MIS staff would spend days generating reports, which meant that management often had to follow its gut instead of basing decisions on real numbers.

TrackAbout helped the company determine that TECSYS was their best bet thanks to its Windows-based and browser-based platform and its willingness to start from scratch and customize a product to suit their needs. Cee Kay has noted improvements in its cylinder management capabilities and has seen cylinder balance disputes disappear entirely thanks to Core Tracking and Rental.

New Culture of Accuracy

Cee Kay President Ned Lane praised the new system for the degree of accuracy it has brought to his firm, stating that the system gives him confidence because he knows there aren’t any errors. He also reported that his employees have been finding it user-friendly across the board, from administrators to drivers.

Reports can now be generated in mere seconds, providing them with crucial data for vendor meetings, customer calls, and monitoring transactions and invoices.

Best of all, Cee Kay is able to deal with higher volumes of business without taking on additional staff. The enhanced credibility and integrity brought about the new tracking solution has seen their profitability rise as well, prompting Lane to say his firm could not be happier with the solution. Next, they plan to add improvements like client access to shared data, paperless documentation, and automated maintenance tracking and cylinder retesting.

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