Social Networking in Fur (SNIF) Connects Pets and Owners with RFID

RFID Social Networking Collar for Your DogA few weeks ago, I wrote on RFID tags for pets and RFID for pet food, but I never imagined RFID for pets combined with social networking.

The company Social Networking in Fur, or SNIF, does exactly that. Their RFID tag collars allow dog owners to track their dog’s every move throughout the day. This is a great tool for seeing how active your dog is. The SNIF tag is even better if you send your dog to doggie daycare, or hire a dog walker, because now you can monitor activity in real time, so you’ll know what’s really going on when you’re not around.

SNIF doesn’t stop there though. The social networking comes into play when your dog is in environments with other dogs, such as a dog park. Any other dog that is also wearing a SNIF tag will exchange unique identification codes, and when you return home, your dog’s tag will transmit all of the other dogs’ information to a base station. From there, you can check SNIF’s online community and get information on all the dogs with SNIF tags that were in range, in addition to information on their owners. Then, owners can become “friends,” which is perfect for organizing doggie play dates.

If you find yourself missing Fido at work, then it’s SNIF tag to the rescue. As long as your dog is within range of the base station, you can monitor his/her activity anywhere you have web access. And, if you find that man’s best friend just isn’t enough, the social networking feature of SNIF tag is definitely a great way to meet other dog enthusiasts!

If anyone uses the SNIF tag for their pet, feel free post. I’d love to know your likes and dislikes of the product. Otherwise, I may just have to go out and get a dog of my own!

Check out a video of the SNIF tag for more information.