Social Media in Enterprise Businesses

As social media continues to grow, how will it affect enterprise businesses internally, both in and outside the four walls?

I recently came across an interesting article from Forbes on SAP entitled, “Are You Ready for the Social Supply Chain?”. The article detailed how social media was mainly used by B2C companies to get customer attention and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. But goes on to explain that now, more and more B2B companies are using social media to not only connect with people and partners, but also, internally.

The article begs the question, “Can we leverage social networks to drive benefits across our end-to-end supply chain processes?” I think so. With over 20 percent of the world’s population on social networks, it makes sense to integrate social media into enterprise businesses. Gone are the days where Facebook is just for college students. In 2010, 83 percent of Fortune 500 companies were using at least one social media site. While more and more companies continue to expand their social media presence online, internal forms of social media, such as Salesforce’s Chatter or SAP StreamWork, is the next big thing.

Large enterprise organizations need to improve their media strategy and coaching across different offices, departments and groups. But, what I’m wondering, is what about employees outside the four walls? As social media grows, so does the need for mobility. And as more apps develop, location is becoming more and more prevelent. SoMoLo (social, mobile, local) apps are dominating the marketplace, but how could these apps help enterprise businesses?

Imagine route drivers’ locations being shared on an internal social media platform, or “checking in” when goods get delivered and posting via their enterprise mobile device. Perhaps they could even get badges, similar to Foursquare. The possibilities are endless. How do you think social media has affected or will effect enterprise businesses from an internal standpoint? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.