Social Media & ERP

While we’ve discussed ERP and social media in enterprise businesses, I recently came across an article that posed the question, “Is enterprise social networking an element of the enterprise ERP package?”

Today’s enterprise businesses can be both global and virtual, increasing the need for collaboration across all business units. But traditional ERP systems were created in the early 90’s and with solutions such as that can have social aspects; it would make sense to have an integrated, social ERP system.

Not everything within the enterprise touches an ERP transaction, and many employees within the enterprise never touch the ERP—it would be nice to have one, integrated tool to bring together the enterprise and all of its tools. So, what would be needed in this social business solution?

  • Process-based standards and business modeling
  • Strong search capabilities both within and outside the system (i.e. Google integration, etc.)
  • Built in file and media sharing
  • Voice and video collaboration
  • Data integration
  • Metadata and file naming conventions
  • Social network with subscriber management
  • Security
  • Mobility with cross-platform support
  • An easy-to-use UI

While no such solution exists in this entirety today, industry trends indicate that something like this—something that integrates ERP, social media, file storage and data management—is not too far off. Do you think social media and ERP systems should be more integrated? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.