SnapTag: The End of QR Codes?

Is SnapTag the game-changing technology that will replace QR codes, or just another proprietary code?

It seems that while everyone loves the QR code, yet, everyone is speculating the “death” of qr codes. Even we wondered what would replace them – would it be NFC, Google goggles or something else? It just felt wrong though, to be moving on when the QR code hadn’t even reached its full potential, so we later defended them. But, now, has that “something else” arrived?

SnapTag could be that something else. SnapTag technologoy is very similar to QR code technology, but, similar to JAGTAG, consumers with any camera or smart phone can take a picture of the tag. From there, information is sent via text or e-mail. From a marketing standpoint, this is huge, however, unlike QR codes, but also like JAGTAG, SnapTags come with a price.

SnapTags are rings with information aligned in a pattern of bars and breaks that let’s their proprietary app reader know what content to share. However, each tag also has an SMS short code, so people without smart phones can send/receive text messages. In addition, since SnapTag is just a ring, a company’s logo can easily fit inside, without having to make any custom modifications as with QR codes and Microsoft Tag.

However, with smartphone usage continuing to grow, do we really need to be concerned about people without smartphones? Would they even be interested in using a technology such as SnapTag? While I definitely see the value in getting e-mail addresses and having a more visually appealing look, I only see SnapTag being used at larger companies willing to invest in the technology. I’m still not convinced they will replace the QR code, which is not only free, but globally recognized.

Do you think the QR code will be replaced by SnapTag, or is there something else yet to come. Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.