Smartphones vs. Ruggedized Mobile Computers

While it seems as though everyone has a smartphone for their business these days, a new study revealed that smartphones may not be the preference. A survey conducted by Harris Executive Omnibus revealed that over300 Fortune 1000 executives are investing in ruggedized handhelds, allowing them to go paperless, which will ultimately increase efficiency and reduce costs. Of the executives surveyed, a whopping 67% are interested in replacing their consumer-grade PDAs, cell phones and smartphones with ruggedized handheld devices.

While 94% of executives are using a PDA or smart phone, 72% are using cell phones and 23% are currently using ruggedized handhelds, findings reveal that a significant shift may occur in mobile workforces everywhere. In addition, the survey made light of the fact that executives are looking to cut costs by going paperless, which would also contribute to growing concerns about environmental sustainability. Of executives surveyed, 38% are already paperless, 29% are transitioning to paperless operations, and 15% are planning to go paperless in the near future.

Despite the fact that most workers currently use PDAs or smartphones, the future looks bright for ruggedized mobile computers. What steps is your company taking to go paperless?