Smartphones Influence Enterprise Mobile Devices

Recently, smartphones have been playing a key roll in enterprise mobile devices. Honeywell has noticed that smartphone culture has extended beyond BYOD and has now influenced the development of devices in the AIDC industry.

Eric de Greef, Product Marketing Manager at Honeywell Scanning and Mobility, said, “The younger generation is so used to using smartphones and we are clearly seeing a trend towards a device without a keypad, something which is pocketable, no longer 500 grams, but below 200 grams.

Some companies want something they can put in their pockets with more capacity in radio transmission, maybe also the ability to make a movie or colour pictures that can be sent back to base. Let’s say the smartphone is entering into our world, into our traditional automatic identification and data capture world.”

Noticing this trend, Honeywell has already created devices to accommodate, such as the Dolphin 99EX, which offers imaging software, real-time voice and data communication and motion and light proximity sensors, all while withstanding a six foot drop onto concrete.

De Greef added, “With parcel delivery it [the smartphone] goes inside the vehicle, outside the vehicle, it is thrown into the back of the vehicle, it can drop from the hands of the deliverer when handing it to the end customer for the signature, or when he has to carry boxes together with the mobile computer.”

By creating devices such as the 99EX, Honeywell is accommodating workers’ desires to use their personal devices, without lacking in toughness or security.