“Smart” Consumers Want To See More Retail Mobility

As smartphones and other gadgets become increasingly sophisticated, consumers expect their shopping experiences to follow suit. In fact, not only do consumers want mobile options, but they also want them to be efficient and personalized.

Retailers that wish to remain competitive need to adapt to these changes and incorporate new technology into their retail operations.

It appears that shoppers want their in-store experiences to have some of the same efficiency and speed as shopping online. A recent study by SOTI showed that more than 60 percent of people would rather use an in-store kiosk than talk to a sales associate. Nine out of ten consumers said they would use a kiosk in a store to optimize their experience, and two out of every three customers said they would be more likely to shop at stores that offer mobile tech experiences. Some of the things that consumers would like to see more of include kiosks, barcode scanners, and interactive displays.

Consumers Gaining Confidence In Personal Data Security

Another reason that consumers are demanding retail mobility in greater numbers is that their confidence in the security of their personal data is growing. In fact, the majority of them—80 percent—believe that retailers are taking enough precautions to protect their personal information.

Nevertheless, consumers are quick to shun those retailers that do encounter security problems. In fact, nine out of ten respondents said they were unlikely to shop from retailers who have experienced a security breach involving personal data or payment information.

Some retailers are already introducing mobile technology, and while this keeps customers happy, it also means these retailers need solutions for managing these technologies and keeping everything secure. Even though this creates additional expenses, the financial rewards it is likely to bring in terms of competitiveness and customer satisfaction should far exceed any output costs.

View the full infographic to better visualize what customers want to see in retail mobility.