Simplify Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment with Software

If there’s one thing that can really hurt warehouse efficiency, it’s inventory inaccuracies. Order fulfillment can be slowed down significantly when inventory is inaccurate, which is why inventory management and order fulfillment software like IntelliTrack Inventory can prove to be such a valuable tool.

With software like this in place, you’ll always know the location and quantity of everything in your inventory, whether your customers are on-site or you’re fulfilling orders from your ecommerce site.

To take this convenience a step further, IntelliTrack Mobile allows you to track the receipt of inventory, its movement and order fulfillment using real-time bar code scanning. This allows you to keep operational overhead to a minimum while improving customer satisfaction. IntelliTrack Inventory lets you print barcode labels and run reports from directly within the program.

User-Friendly and Capable

It sounds like a monumental task, but the software is surprisingly user-friendly and affordable considering all the functionality it provides. For example, it allows you to prevent shortages, surpluses and losses and gives you universal access to your data with its secure cloud server.

Its inventory management capabilities are very thorough, allowing you to store critical points of data such as lots, warranties, expiration dates, serial numbers, and other information. You can find out where your items are, from their general location and container right down to the bin. You can make light work of physical counts thanks to the barcode technology, and you can opt for real-time or batch data syncing according to your off-site and in-house needs.

It allows you to create detailed, customized reports in real time for individual sites and your organization as a whole with ease. In addition, an IntelliTrack contract comes with access to free tech support from its friendly experts.

Inventory management and order fulfillment hurdles can become a thing of the past with IntelliTrack Inventory software.

This blog post was based off of an article from IntelliTrack. View the original here.

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