Sign a Petition, Save the Environment, All with QR Codes

While we often discuss the differences between QR code usage in Japan vs. the US, what about other countries? I recently heard about a unique QR code campaign that is taking Canada by storm.

The Mountain Equipment Co-op(MEC) and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society have teamed up for a campaign called The Big Wild, a conservation movement that allows Canadians to easily stand up for wilderness protection campaigns. With the use of QR code technology, it has become even easier.

MEC has been placing mysterious, poster-siz QR codes throughout 7 Canadian cities. The posters are unbranded, the concept being that their secretiveness will intrigue passersby. Once the QR codes are scans, users will be directed to a pager where they can electronically sign a petition supporting causes relevant the posters’ location.

As people continue to become busier and busier, QR code campaigns will continue to link the real world to the mobile world, allowing users to instantly connect with anything. Props to MEC for using QR codes for the greater good. I’d like to see similar environmental campaigns launched in the US. Tell us what you think by commenting here, or visiting our Facebook or Twitter pages.