Should You Get an RFID Chip Implant?

FDA approved Verichip RFID Implant in Humans
Yes, it’s true; you can now have your very own RFID chip implanted under your skin. The chip itself is no bigger than a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin through a quick, painless outpatient procedure that is said to feel like getting a shot. Verichip is marketing the implantable RFID chip as a life saving device, as it can be read by a handheld or wall mounted scanner in order to bring up individual’s medical information through a secure database.

However, Verichip’s implanatable RFID chip isn’t only for medical uses. It’s already being used in Mexico by government workers who need secure access to their buildings. In addition, many Mexican citizens have volunteered to get the RFID chip for safety purposes due to the high amount of crime and kidnappings throughout parts of the country. Although the tracking and logistics of Verichip’s RFID implant are still in the workings, especially with the integration of GPS capabilities, there is a good possibility that someday, an RFID implant could save your life!