ShotCode Barcode: The Circular 2D Barcode for Mobile Tagging

Shotcode Barcode The ShotCode is a 2D, bullseye inspired barcode that has recently gained a lot of popularity in the world of mobile tagging.

Similar to QR codes, shotcode’s mission is to make the world clickable, which it does by allowing users to scan their ShotCode barcode with their mobile phones.

All ShotCodes must be at least 3.5 centimeters in diameter to be read, and cannot be altered. However, although black and white is always recommended when scanning barcodes, the color of ShotCodes can be changed. In addition, ShotCodes can be printed on almost any material, as long as there is a high contrast.

Although the ShotCode reader for your mobile phone is free, they do charge a small fee if you want to create your own ShotCodes. Check out the pricing page here. With the paid plan, you can receive real time editing, automatic mobilizing, realtime statistics, and API access.

Currently, ShotCode is the only circular 2D barcode on the market. For more information, or to signup, check out their website.