Sew-in Barcode Label Solutions

sew-in barcode labelIf you’re a consumer and have ever seen the tag on your mattress, you may have wondered if it was really illegal to remove the tag. While it is perfectly legally for the consumer to remove the tag once purchased, it is illegal for manufacturers to sell their products without one.

Because of this, manufacturers need to make sure that the tags they use are durable and can withstand various modes of transportation. Therefore, manufactures are in constant search of a durable, legible tag in order to avoid costly penalties from the law.

Intermec offers their Duratran II Synthetc tag, which is tested and approved by the International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials (IABFLO), providing a safe and durable way to properly label mattresses, pillows, and other household items.

The Intermec Duratran II Synthetic tag offers a smooth finish and best in class thermal transfer print quality, eliminating barcode scan failures. In addition, the tags are very easy to sew, ensuring manufacturers that their existing equipment will be compatible with Intermec’s material, despite the extremely high tear strength of the tag. In addition, the tags offer:

  • Excellent print quality that outperforms many competing products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Thermal transfer printability
  • Support for high resolution barcodes with crisp graphics and fonts

For more information regarding the Intermec Duratran II Synthetic tag, you can learn more here.