Secure 2D Barcode Scanning on the iPhone

A platform called codeREADr was recently released for iPhones to be used as barcode scanners for secure, real-time tracking and validation of 2D barcode data. Developers will now be able to integrate scanning and data collection into their business without the high expenses normally associated with commercial scanners and systems.

In addition to simply scanning barcodes, codeREADr also includes a web service for managing app users, devices and databases. With the web service, account holders can record, track and trace scanned data and even validate it against their service-specific database. Data that’s passed to and from the servers is encrypted and transmitted wirelessly in real-time via Wi-Fi and 3G networks, all within 1-2 seconds.

codeREADr can also be used for access control at events and security checkpoints, time, attendance, workflow management, asset tracking, contests and loyalty reward programs. codeREADr is a unique barcode scanning platform because of its real-time transaction and security.

Learn more about codeREADr here.