Search for UPC’s by Item Description

In a past Question of the Week I explained how you can Search for Barcode Information Using GEPIR, but what do you do if it’s the other way around?  How do you find a UPC with only a description of the product? I’ve had a few people send in this question and thought this type of search might be of use to other readers.  UPC Database not only offers a search of UPC’s to find product information, but also a search by description to find the product UPC.  The question I received today mentioned searching for music cassette UPC’s, so I decided to test the search.  I typed in a band name (in quotes) and sure enough the results displayed cassettes as well as CD’s released by the band.  I heard that is requiring UPC’s or EAN’s on products now, so hopefully this search will come in handy for a lot of you.