Scott Blake’s Barcode Art Tour


I went up to Denver yesterday for Scott Blake’s Barcode Art Tour and wanted to share these pictures of his work.  He had his barcode Bruce Lee portrait (pictured at left) set up with a barcode scanner so you could try it out for yourself.  In case you aren’t familiar with Scott Blake’s art, his interactive portraits are made from barcodes and when scanned they send certain information to a nearby computer.  The Bruce Lee portrait is made from barcodes that encode clips from his movies.  You can check out a video demonstration Here.


Here’s a closer picture that shows someone selecting a barcode to scan.  This particular barcode featured a fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, hilarious!






And closer still.  Here’s what the portraits look like up close and personal.






If this tour is coming to your town and you’re a barcode nerd you should definitley check it out, or if you just have an interest in art, it’s amazing work.  You can find more information about the barcode art tour and Scott Blake’s other work on the Barcode Art website.