Scanning for Talent, a marketplace site for recruiters and freelancers, have started to embed QR codes into the site that can be scanned by smart phones in order to give recruiters faster access to professionals that are featured on the site.

Since most recruiters are extremely busy, and always looking for their next lead, QR codes will vastly improve the speed at which profiles can be reviewed. If recruiters are using their smartphones with barcode scanning apps, they can simply tap the barcode on the screen to capture information, and activate the scanning application to decode it. Then, the information contained in the barcode can be saved to their phone’s contacts.

Codes are automatically created when a freelancer/contractor creates their profile, making it easy for recruiters to save any information that they desire. The QR codes are already active on their UK site and their overseas franchised sites will soon follow suit.

In the future, would like to develop apps that would allow the hiring person to better define the job and type in the kind of individual they are looking for, and their customer service representatives will be able to return a list of people with that skill set.

This is definitely an innovative way to use QR codes, and I’m sure it will spread to other recruiting/job sites quickly.