Scanbuy’s New 2D Barcode Tools Hope to Spread Code Use

scan lifeWhile 2D barcodes are still taking time to show up in the American marketplace, Scanbuy Inc., a global leader in mobile barcode solutions, has recently released new integration tools for brands and media publishers in order to better facilitate their use of the ScanLife 2D Barcode System.

Their new web services now allow users to generate 2D barcodes from third party portals, connecting any URL to the ScanLife network via a camera phone. In addition, outside websites will be able to generate codes automatically from the ScanLife Code Management Platform. This feature would allow any marketing professional, technology provider, or media publisher to connect their digital content to commonly used 2D barcode formats such as Datamatrix and EZcode. The codes can then be read by the ScanLife mobile application. From there, a camera phone can scan the codes to quickly launch a specific website, save contact information, send texts and more. This could come in handy for example, with retailers, allowing them to generate a unique 2D barcode for each of their products listed in their database.

Also included in the tools is a Web Development Kit, allowing any website to embed the ScanLife code management platform into an existing environment. Since both business and personal accounts will be available, 2D barcodes can be generated commercially, or for individuals looking to link to their social networking sites, etc.

Companies throughout the US are slowly starting to realize the value that 2D barcodes can provide for their business, so there is definitely a growing demand for customers to easily integrate 2D barcode solutions with their existing content. Hopefully the new integration tools fro, Scanbuy will give the US the nudge it needs to fully adopt and integrate 2D barcodes into its culture.