Scanalyzer Turns iPhone into Industry Barcode Scanner

Scanalyzer is an app that turns your iPhone into a barcode scanner powerful enough for small businesses needs

There’s a lot of apps out there that scan QR codes, but what about standard barcodes? Scanalyzer is an iPhone app that allows for barcode scanning of most common barcodes and works just like a regular wireless barcode scanner, integrating with the computer.

Ideal for small businesses, Scanalyzer allows users to turn their iphone into a regular barcode scanner for applications such as:

  • Vehicle Identification Decoding (VIN Decoding)
  • Request Vehicle Report
  • Product Lookup from Google, Bing or Amazon
  • Asset Tracking
  • Attendance
  • Identification – card verification
  • Information Technology
  • Library Services
  • Retail and Shopping
  • General Barcode Reading Applications

Just like with a regular barcode scanner, Scanalyzer offers computer software in order to ensure proper configuration and data transfer.

While Scanalyzer does somewhat convert your iPhone to a traditional barcode scanner, it’s important to note that for certain applications, a rugged mobile device is always best. However, I am a bit skeptical in terms of scan speed and accuracy, but if you’ve used Scanalyzer, let us know about your experience by commenting here or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Learn more about Scanalyzer by viewing the presentation below, or on their website.