Scan It with Scandit

Scandit allows mobile application developers to integrate high quality barcode scanning into their apps.

There’s a lot of barcode scanning apps on the market, but few excite me as much as my most recent discovery—Scandit. Scandit isn’t just a standard barcode scanning app you can download for your smartphone, ok, so they have apps for that, but Scandit also provides barcode scanning capabilities for other mobile apps.

Since many apps aside from your standard QR code reader are integrating both 1D and 2D barcode scanning, it makes sense for Scandit to exist. Not only do they provide advanced barcode scanning for mobile apps, they also offer “scanalytics,” or real-time analytics about how consumers are using your app, what products they’re interested in, etc.

Most of all, they truly care about barcodes! Their latest blog post details how other developers will ask why they should support barcode scanning on mobile devices without an autofocus camera, or why the ability to decode barcodes is even important.

If you don’t mind ads, their service is free of charge. Scandit is definitely something for app developers to look into—after all, what’s a good app without a barcode scanning feature?

Watch their video to learn more:

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