Saving Water and Resources with Janam Technologies LLC

Here at Barcoding, Inc., it is our goal to bring solutions to our clients that are efficient, accurate, and connected. By partnering with other companies, we can combine the power of our individual specialties to create a unique, custom solution that best suits the customer.

Janam Technologies LLC is a leading provider of rugged and durable mobile computing devices. You can visit their website to learn more about them.
Stone Oak Property Owners Association (POA) is based in San Antonio, Texas at the Stone Oak planned communities. The POA is responsible for the common areas across Stone Oak properties, a combined area of about 51 acres.

The Problem
The Stone Oak POA was looking to automate 45 of their water meter readers. The outdated system resulted in duplicate work and slowed productivity. We saw this as a great opportunity to find a smarter solution!

The Solution
We partnered with Janam Technologies LLC and Stone Oak POA to bring an affordable and efficient solution. Barcoding developed a custom data capture application from The Data Collection Center, especially designed to pair with Janam’s XT2 rugged touch computers. Their mobile computers weigh only 10 ounces, enabling faster data collection. Using our combined technology, Stone Oak’s maintenance team can collect meter information with the click of a button, taking a photo and sending the data to POA supervisors.

Better Together
According to Meg Lorente, the Property Manager at Stone Oak POA, it used to take over 1,200 hours per year to manage the meter reading system. Now, our combined efforts have led to a 40% reduction in time. The project also enabled improved communication with the San Antonio Water System. We all know how important it is to conserve, including natural resources, money, and time. Early leak detection now allows Stone Oak to help reduce water waste.

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