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About SATO
Today, we are thrilled to feature one of our partners, SATO. With over 70 years of experience, SATO is an industry leader in thermal printers, labels, software and RFID, providing solutions to thousands of customers around the world. Learn more about our partnerships with SATO here.

This Week’s Video
SATO is a one-stop provider of many services and systems, from award-winning label to creations, to auto-identification technology solutions, to barcode label printers and more. Their products have helped many industries, such as retail, logistics food safety and more. However, one industry in particular has helped make customers around the world safer and happier– healthcare.

Beginning in 1997, SATO’s Patient Safety products have helped bring solutions to the healthcare industry and expand product management and traceability for healthcare supply chains around the globe. SATO’s barcode thermal wristbands have been used by over 25 million patients worldwide. They serve as an integral part of patient safety, and feature a 3-way verification system that can prevent patient misidentification and medical errors. Other products include a cloud-based locator system and a stocktaking system custom-made for medical inventory.

The right products can help your business “apply and realize its digital improvements that increase the quality of health services and cost savings.” Find out how our RFID products can help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs here.

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For more information about SATO’s healthcare offerings, watch the video below.

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