Samsung Offers Defense-Grade Enterprise Mobile Security

If you’re looking for enterprise mobile security solutions, it’s time to get acquainted with Samsung’s offerings. Samsung mobile devices come with the Knox security platform built into them, enabling users to manage their work and personal matters using a single device without compromising their company’s data.

Samsung offers a range of solutions that can handle whatever demands a business throws at them. For example, they have a range of end-to-end secure options when it comes to deployment and maintenance, device configuration, container solutions, data protection and mobility management.

Knox is considered a defense-grade mobile security platform, and it has been built into Samsung mobile devices’ hardware as well as their software. This is why Samsung’s wearables, smartphones and tablets are considered some of the most secure mobile devices on the market today.

Is Your Business Ready?

In a report released by Gartner in December comparing mobile OS platforms in terms of device security, Samsung Knox was given “strong” ratings in a remarkable 25 out of the 28 categories assessed, earning accolades for its authentication, encryption, secure remote access, and biometrics, to name just a few.

samsung mobile security

Having the right devices in only half the battle for companies; they also need a solid mobile security plan to strike the right balance between employee productivity and risk. Recent reports show that 64 percent of companies say mobility has given their efficiency and productivity a boost, yet just 28 percent of CIOs say that their companies don’t even have a mobile strategy!

Despite the many benefits that await, 63 percent of companies report that enterprise mobility has brought about more security risks and concerns than they had anticipated, showing just how important it is to be prepared and invest in high-quality security solutions.

The top challenges enterprises have to tackle when it comes to mobility are application security concerns, data protection, and the separation of work and personal data.

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This blog post was based off of an infographic from Samsung. See the graphic here.

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