Samsung Mobile Devices Approved for Secure Military Use

The U.S. Defense Department recently approved the use of Samsung mobile devices and the BlackBarry 10 for military use.

The U.S. National Security Agency worked closely with Samsung to create a security enhanced Android. The security system, named Knox, allows employers to keep corporate and military applications and data securely on a smartphone or tablet. If an employee leaves the company or loses his/her device, data can be easily erased remotely, without having to worry about data being lost entirely.

Typically, the military has only trusted BlackBerrys, but now, they are looking to establish a multi-vendor environment that can support a variety of different devices and operating systems. Apple’s iOS 6 is expected to be cleared for military use shortly.

What could this mean for BlackBerry? They’ve already lost a fair amount of consumer-based market share to Apple and Android devices, but have remained strong in high-security businesses. Scott Totzke, senior vice president of security, BlackBerry, said that the new BlackBerry 10 “offers a rich, highly responsive mobile computing experience, along with BlackBerry’s proven and validated security model.” However, I suspect they’ll have to compete even harder to stay relevant in an Apple- and Android-driven world.