Samsung Exclaim Now Pre-loaded with ScanLife 2D Barcode Scanner

samsung exclaimThe new Samsung Exclaim through Sprint is the first mobile device in the US that’s being shipped with pre-loaded barcode scanning technology. The Exclaim phones will include a ScanLife 2D barcode application, allowing users to scan 2D barcodes using their camera phone. Once scanned, the 2D barcodes can direct users to mobile web sites where the user can then view and share that information through social networking applications, which will also be included with the Exclaim.

Including the ScanLife application with the Exclaim phones is a huge step in perpetuating the use of 2D barcodes in the US. The decision to have the application included came from significant interest and positive feedback from Sprint customers who had previously downloaded the application.

While Sprint’s Samsung Exclaim may be the first phone in the US to come pre-loaded with a barcode scanning app, it certainly won’t be the last. If more and more companies start making such bold moves as Sprint, 2D barcodes are sure to (finally) catch on in the US!