Samsung Camera Phones Now Equipped With 2D Barcode Application

Samsung has just announced that they will be releasing camera phones pre-loaded with Scanbuy’s 2D barcode application.  This application is capable of reading EZcodes like the one pictured at left and other major 2D barcodes.  As early as next month these phones will be hitting the streets of Spain, Italy and Denmark, and eventually as availability grows, the United States.  Samsung is the second largest phone manufacturer in the world, so this pre-loaded application is going to wind up in a lot of people’s hands.   I’m sure those who’ve never heard of a 2D barcode will become quite familiar with using them to access information since it will come standard on their phone.  It looks like the QR code craze that has been going on in Japan for quite awhile will be making more of an appearance in the United States and countries throughout Europe.  I for one can’t wait!  For more information on EZcodes you can visit ScanLife Technology and read more, or watch a short video that explains how the technology works.