Sales Force Automation

Sales Force AutomationMobile sales force automation is a great way to increase sales productivity. Organizations that employ their workforce with a mobile sale solution realize the importance of not losing opportunities; it could mean the difference between a sale lost to a competitor, no sale at all, and a multi-million-dollar sale.

While some mobile sales employees make use of laptops, cell phones, and or PDAs, none allow them the ability to access sales applications quickly and easily at any time of the day, regardless of location. Carrying more than one device to meet voice and data needs raises per-person device costs, in addition to other soft costs that can have an even larger impact on the bottom line. Because of this, they are being replaced with enterprise-grade rugged, multi-mode devices that suit the demands of an on-the-go environment, allowing field workers to not only call customers, but also perform sophisticated functions such as upload route maps, scan barcodes, take high-resolution photos, and even process credit card payments.

Rather than using consumer-grade smart phones, more rugged mobile devices offer a 50% less cost of ownership and allow for increased productivity due to better reliability. Furthermore, the more ruggedized devices typically have a five-year lifespan compared with a two-year lifespan of consumer-grade devices. Ruggedized devices aren’t just for utility workers anymore, they are popping up throughout the healthcare industry, and now in sales. The computing power that rugged devices offer allows sales professionals to have:

  • Real-time access to leads, email, inventory, pricing, CRM applications and more
  • Critical data needed to take action on the spot, close more deals, deliver a higher level of customer service and spend more time selling, and less on administrative tasks.
  • Real-time visibility into the sales pipeline
  • New levels of efficiency in inventory, warehouse and production management

If you’re interested in learning more about sales force automation through the use of ruggedized mobile computers, you can learn about solutions here.