Rugged Vs. Consumer Devices: The Battle Continues

Barcoding Inc.’s Business Development Manager, Kelly Harris, was recently featured in Mobile Enterprise, leading the discussion on why enterprise businesses should choose rugged over consumer devices.

Harris explains that enterprise needs are different than that of the consumer, pointing out key reasons as to why rugged devices are needed:

Consumer-grade smartphones demand a lot of upgrades, both in hardware and software. Operating system upgrades often impact apps and if replacement hardware is needed, which is common with consumer-grade devices, will the new device have the same build? A mixed deployment on staggered upgrades could negatively impact field workers.

Ease of Use
While most of us consider consumer grade devices easy to use, it really depends on the task at hand. If workers are required to scan a lot of barcodes, relying on a consumer-grade device that uses a camera and software will be nowhere near as efficient as using an enterprise-grade device with actual barcode scanner.

Total Cost of Ownership
Some consumer devices may be cheaper up front, but often have a much shorter life cycle. The average lifespan of a consumer device is less than a year, while rugged devices tend to last over four. Down time prohibits worker productivity, costing time and money.

Going back to cost, purchasing a consumer devices is only cheaper because of the carrier contracts. Choosing a carrier often involves signing a two-year contract to get the device for a cheaper price, but what happens if something goes wrong? Should you need a new device before you’re eligible for an upgrade, devices can run upward of $600! Enterprise business solutions providers are able to negotiate prices much more aggressively, offering more flexibility throughout the devices’ life cycle.

Rather than purchasing consumer devices with accessories to accomplish your task at hand, such as take payments via credit card, enterprise mobile devices are all encompassing—no accessories required. In addition, rugged devices have longer battery life, are more durable, and can handle all of your data collection, signature capture, barcode scanning and payment needs.

Examining your business needs vs. the total cost of ownership is crucial when choosing a device. Learn more about choosing the right enterprise device for your business.