Rugged Tablets Are a Sound Investment for Modern Factories

In a recent report about the place of mobile in connected factories, VDC Research emphasized that data is set to transform the industry. This means that factory workers are essentially becoming information workers who must embrace connectivity and take advantage of all that mobile technology has to offer.

Mobile devices that are connected to factory operations can provide total visibility and greatly enhance communications. For example, they can allow for data read by machines to be easily stored and analyzed, enable the quick retrieval of manuals, and facilitate the process of opening and closing tickets.

Rugged tablets can play a very useful role in this regard. They are long-lasting, flexible, and reliable, making them perfectly suited to modern factories and their workers. One major consideration in these environments is durability. Mobile platforms are subjected to drops, bangs, solvent exposure, vibrations and extreme temperatures, so opting for the most rugged versions available is an investment that usually pays off in the long run.

Making Life Easier for IT

IT departments face a big task in keeping a factory’s communications running smoothly whether they’re monitoring, maintaining, or making improvements. Cheaper tablets can’t handle nearly as many factory tasks, nor can they withstand the conditions of such an environment. IT often faces budgetary constraints, so choosing tablets that integrate smoothly with the current infrastructure can keep costs down.

Software performance is another essential consideration. Most modern connected factories use complex business systems, and manufacturers need to choose tablets that will be compatible with their existing systems and accessories.

When it comes to forklifts, there is a growing tendency to move away from fixed-terminal PCs. After all, the entire forklift will be out of commission if the PC fails while the issue is fixed. Removable mobile devices are far more useful for ensuring the continuity of operations.

For these reasons and many more, rugged tablets are the best mobile computing tools for modern factories.

This blog post was based off of an article from the Xplore. View the original here.

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