Mobile Computer Display Screen Options

If you’ve ever taken your laptop outdoors on a sunny day, it instantly becomes apparent that the screen is unable to be read. Such is the same with a mobile computer. If your mobile computer is intended to be used primarily outdoors, sunlight-readable displays are a must. While some rugged computers come standard with an outdoor display screen, others offer outdoor visibility, some have hi-bright and anti-glare, and others even have a transflective, sunlight-readable display that makes use of ambient light in order to brighten the screen. While hi-bright screens are good, they take up a significant amount of the battery power, so it’s important to pair a hi-bright option with a high-capacity battery option.

Touchscreen displays are becoming quite popular as an option on rugged mobile computers, and come with tablet PC’s since they do not have a keyboard/mouse. Tablet PC touchscreens are offered via finger-touch, or via stylus, which allows for handwriting and signature capture directly on the screen.

Aside from touch and outdoor displays, the size of the display screen can vary and should be taken into consideration based on the intended application.

Resolution is also an important aspect of the screen. The higher the resolution, the more pixels can be displayed, and thus more can be shown on the monitor at once.

When choosing your display screen, be sure to analyze the environments that the mobile device will most often be used in and consider the applications in order to pick the one that suites your needs best.

If you are currently using a hi-bright or anti-glare screen, let us know which device you have and how you like it.