Rugged Computing Solutions: The Latest from Motorola

Motorola Solutions recently announced a new line of rugged enterprise mobile computing solutions that help warehouse and distribution workers better automate and streamline their processes.

Motorola’s VC70N0 is an ultra-rugged lift truck-mounted mobile computer that allows real-time data access and collection across a wide range of environments—from the warehouse to the freezer. Its compact design offers a large display with keyboard options and helps to improve inventory visibility.

This rugged, hands-free, multi-modal wearable mobile computer is ideal for voice-directed applications and offers real-time access to inventory and supply chain information. The WT41N0 offers a flexible mobile computing platform that supports both text and voice and can be used across a variety of different industries.

Both the VC70NO and WT41N0 offer a long lifecycle and interoperability that aid in business-critical warehouse investments. In addition, both devices support RhoElements, Motorola’s HTML5-based application. Learn more.