Route Accouting Software

Route accounting is an industry in which goods and services are bought and sold in a mobile environment. A Route Account system allows a representative to efficiently serve the customer, accept purchase orders, issue invoices, and collect payments.

Real Time Location Systems, or RTLS, are often used in route accounting because they allow managers to easily keep track of drivers and choose the most efficient route of travel. By maintaining accurate real-time visibility of shipping containers between distribution hubs, efficiency and delivery can be greatly improved. This is particularly relevant with time sensitive products that need to be monitored throughout the supply chain in order to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

AeroScout offers Unified Asset Visibility solutions in order to enable logistics and transportation operations that maintain visibility in any environment within the enterprise by combining sources of location, status, and condition data. Such sources include Active RFID, Passive RFID, GPS, and advanced sensors, whose data can be transported over standard Wi-Fi networks into a single platform.

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