Robots: Friend or Foe?

What is the future of robots? Some experts have voiced some legitimate concerns that robots could eventually outsmart humans or even harm us, such as in the case of weaponized robots. A recent Facebook experiment in which two AI robots changed their programming language from English to something unknown to make their communications more efficient was quickly shut down by concerned scientists. However, for every frightening scenario that we can imagine involving robots, we can also see their value in a wide range of functions.

Cycle Counting

Anyone who has ever been involved in cycle counting can tell you what a tedious job it is, so it only makes sense that the task be assigned to robots if they’re capable of it, especially when the pallets involved are situated at height. Drones are being using for cycle counting in some cases, whether it’s by filming locations and checking footage or working with RFID tags, while WMS system integration helps resolve issues quickly.

Order Picking

Likewise, robots are showing their utility in the order picking process. While using robots to pick single pallets or boxes is pretty straightforward, having them pick up a single item is a lot more complicated. However, AI can be used to train robots to pick up items easily regardless of which way they happen to be facing, making fulfillment a lot quicker and easier.

Enhancing Warehouse Workers

While many people are worried about losing their jobs to robots, it’s also important to realize that robots can be used to help people perform their jobs more efficiently and with less stress. For example, workers in some companies are already using exoskeletons to help them lift heavy items.

No one can deny that there are lots of scary ways that using robots can go terribly wrong, but if scientists can find ways to ensure they can be used safely and remain under human control at all times, humanity has a lot to gain from their use.

This blog post was based off of an article from Logistics Matter. View the original here.

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