RFID Your Home with TikiTag

RFID at Home with TikiTagtikitag is a relatively new product available to everyday consumers that allows people to link items to applications through the use of short-range RFID tags and readers.

How it Works
Basically, all you have to do is place a tikitag on the object of your choice and hover the object over the reader. To go more in depth, tikitag uses high frequency RFID tags that operate at 13.56MHZ and combines them with passive RFID tags and active readers. tikitag is also compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC), which is a technology that is slowly being implemented in mobile phones.

tikitag can be used from object to reader to computer, or from object to a NFC capable phone. While there are tons of different applications that can be used, a common example would be having a video play each time an obect with a tikitag is read. In addition to this basic application, there’s a long list of ideas that illustrates just how handy tikitag could be in the future.

See below for a video on popular uses for tikitag.