RFID Water Bottles

We all know that disposable water bottles are wasteful, yet they are still prevalent. Recent college graduate Thomas Petrini wanted to change that, and he used RFID in order to do it.

Petrini started Evive Station, an RFID-enabled water bottle refilling kiosk that eliminates the need for disposable water bottles. Customers simply pay a one-time fee in order to purchase a water bottle, complete with a high-frequency passive RFID tag. When the water bottle becomes empty, they simply refill it for free at the Evive Station kiosk, which provides crisp, cold filtered water.

While the water bottle is cleaned and refilled at the station, the kiosk’s video displays advertisements that match those particular customers interests. Rather than making money on selling the water itself, Evive Station makes its money by selling advertising and being a company for social good—creating less bottles in landfills.

The system is ideal for college students since disposable bottles are banned at certain schools and students don’t always have easy access to a sink in order to was and refill their reusable bottles. By using RFID, the Evive Station is able to not only better the environment, but also provide a convenient way for students to drink water and a great way for advertisers to reach them.

So far, WVU is the first college to sign a contract with Evive Station’s RFID refillable water system, but other colleges are currently looking into the system as well. Are refillable RFID water bottles a good idea? Or would you not want personal demographic information embedded into your water bottle?

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