RFID vs. Barcodes: Data Center Management

Both RFID and barcodes ultimately accomplish the same task—they automate processes. For Data Center management, these processes primarily include managing assets. So, when managing assets in your data center, which do you choose—RFID or barcodes?

More and more Data Center Managers have been implementing RFID technology in order to automate the labor-intensive asset audit process. RFID is able to accelerate the return on their DCIM tools, since the auditing process takes much less time than with traditional barcodes. This is because RFID tags don’t need a line of sight and offer greater read ranges and rates, as opposed to barcodes, which must be scanned individually.

RFID tags are initially more expensive than barcodes, but their ROI usually comes to fruition within the first year since man-hours are saved from conducting IT inventory analysis. In fact, many Data Center Managers are seeing between 10-15 times the savings in time spent auditing, in addition to a higher accuracy rate.

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