RFID Used at Washington Nationals Stadium

The Washington Nationals recently upgraded their fan experience by adding RFID into the mix. Now, fans can manage their tickets, food and beverage purchases using RFID and are able to receive special rewards and offers.

The solution replaces paper tickets with a high-frequency (HF) RFID card, reducing the amount of time fans spend in line to enter the park. For now, the RFID system is being piloted with season ticket holders.

When season ticket holders enter the park, they simply need to have their RFID-enabled card through them and walk through an automated turnstile. From there, fans can use their card throughout the game to make purchases. The more purchases, the more points—the more rewards.

“It’s not about getting fans through turnstiles,” says Andy Feffer, the Nationals’ COO. “It’s about looking at ticketing as a three-dimensional experience.”

RFID has become an increasingly popular method of ticketing. If you’ve had an RFID ticketing experience, share how it affected your enjoyment by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.